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Selasa, 04 Agustus 2009

Chamakh: Arsenal My Dream

Marouane Chamakh

Arsenal players have the desire Girondins Bordeaux, Marouane Chamakh appears immediately realized. because, Chamakh already own the club to immediately remove it. Even the origin of Morocco has been to give green light to Arsenal.

"Arsenal My dream," said the age of 25 this year to the daily L'Equipe.

Chamakh is one of the serious players didekati The Gunners. Arsène Wenger has a proposal to fly home to the French club to carry 10 players born in January 1984 to the Emirates Stadium.

However, Bordeaux president, Jean-Louis Triaud, Arsenal rate proposal too low. Numbers Pounds Sterling 12 million or around Rp 192 billion is considered not in accordance with the perginya Chamakh of Chaban Delmas Stadium.

The players object to the price given on the club itself. So that the dream could not be immediately terrealisasikan.

"I have dipenghujung contract and the club I make this issue a problem of money. What is the club's very unfair, "pungkas Chamakh with the firm.

Selasa, 28 Juli 2009

Arshavin want premier league title with Arsenal

Andrey Arshavin Arsenal half truly desire to bring the sweep The Gunners Premier League next season. The original Russian is even urge colleagues not to 'minder' from other teams because of lack of experience of 'The Young Guns'.

"Next season will be the season that pertamaku indeed. Yesterday only the beginning and will be going on for example the establishment of the Premier League later. Whatever happens is the truth in front of the season, "said Arshavin to Sky Sport magazine.

"I like the pre season with the team. I have and I can adapt very happy. The suporter mencintaiku, and that it is important for me, "he added.

Arshavin come to the Emirates Stadium in January and from the zenith with the transfer of St Petersburg 15 million Pounds Sterling. However, the Timnas Russia is not something that can give glory to the club's new. For that, a season ahead of time that fit Arshavin for Arsenal merengkuh bring the Premier League title.

At this time the players The Gunners are currently undergoing pre-season training and preparation that will not be wasted in the end by the Russian players. He can even hope to play as brilliant in the early debutnya Arsenal ago and successfully print six goals and secure the position of the Gunners in the big four.

Kamis, 01 Januari 2009


The ancient Roman calendar used March 1 as New Year's Day. Later, the ancient Romans used January 1 as the beginning of the new year. In the Middle Ages, most European countries used March 25, the Christian holiday called the Day of Ascension, as the beginning of the new year. Until 1600, most Western countries have been using the system of the revised calendar, which is called the Gregorian calendar.

Calendar that has so far used it to use again as the January 1 New Year's Day. England and its colonies in the United States into using the dating system in 1752. Most people commemorate the new year on the date specified by their religion. Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, is celebrated in September or early October. Hindus celebrate on certain dates. Muslims use a calendar system that consists of 354 days each year. Therefore, their new year falls on different dates vary in the Gregorian calendar every year.

HISTORY AND HOW TO celebrate the past

Most people in the past year a new start on the day of harvest. They do habits to leave the past and purify themselves for the new year. Ancient Persians presents gifts for New Year's eggs, as symbols of productivity. The ancient Romans gave each other gifts holy tree branch cuts. Later, they gave each other nuts or gold coins with the image layer Janus, the god of doors and all the beginning. Month of January received a two-faced god of this (one face facing forward and one facing backwards). Romans dedicated the gift to the emperor. The emperors gradually require gifts like that. Celtic priests to cut mistletoe branch, which is considered sacred, to the people they are. Celtic people take a lot of new habits of the Romans, who occupied the British Isles in the year 43 AD.

In the year 457 AD the Christian church banned this practice, the new year with another habit which he considered a pagan practice. In the year 1200 the British leaders to follow the Roman custom which obliges them to give people a new year gift. The husband in the UK gave money to their wives to buy a simple brooch (pin). This custom disappeared in the 1800s, but the term pin money, which means less pocket money, still in use. Many of the people of the colony in New England, America, which celebrated the new year by firing guns into the air and shouted, while others follow the celebration at the church or open party.


Although the new year is also a Christian holy day, the new year has long been a secular tradition which makes it as a national public holiday for all Americans. In the United States, mostly done the night before the celebration of the new year, on December 31, where the people go to parties or watch television programs from Times Square in the heart of New York, where many people gather. At midnight the bells rang, sirens sounded, fireworks exploded and people menerikkan "Happy New Year" and sang Auld Lang Syne.

On January 1, Americans visiting relatives and friends or watching television: Flower Parade Tournament of Roses before the American football competition held in the Rose Bowl California; or the Orange Bowl in Florida; Cotton Bowl in Texas; or Sugar Bowl in Louisiana.

Kamis, 21 Agustus 2008

First Arsenal victory in the season 2008 - 2009

Samir Nasri

Nothing is more beautiful than Samir Nasri to score in the print hisdebut with Arsenal. Samir Nasri single goal in the Emirates Stadium is also a victory for opponents Arsenal Premier League campaign team West Bromwich Albion.

Gol debut new players who transferred from Marseille was created in the fourth minute utilizing bait Denilson. Goal as if it could cover the money worth 12 million pounds to be dirogoh of pocket to bring Arsenal Samir Nasri.

On this fight, Arsenal actually appear quite good with the game in the first round. In the game, Arsenal gave evidence as the excellent Premier League. The players do not have to fight fatigue although opponents FC Twente in midweek in the Champions League third qualifying.

Samir Nasri after the goal, Nicklas Bendtner actually have the opportunity to print a golden goal as well but Emmanuel Adebayor both failed. Arsenal are more maturity to the position after the first round still 1-0.

In the second phase, the story actually has changed. Arsenal was the game that started slow attacks. Quite unlucky for the West bromine if they fail to bring home the points. Opportunities available through the Do Heon Kim and Ishmael Miller forced Manuel Almunia to save gawangnya turn back. However, the goal is also not kunjung come.

Arsenal coach Arsène Wenger is confident that his team will win this fight. "We always seen the game and I think the second goal will come soon. However, West bromine good stand with us while less sharp in the penalty box, "Wenger demolished.

While bromine West coach Tony Mowbray that Arsenal have a game that more liquid. "We failed to take advantage of opportunities that can be a proper goal. But I think anything we can record a good performance if the show continues like this, "specifically.

Kamis, 07 Agustus 2008

Krisis Arsenal

William Gallas


Francecs Fabregas

Masalah yang mencuat di kubu Arsenal adalah kepemimpinannya. Lebih khusus menggugat William Gallas sebagai Kapten. Kolomnis James Lawton terang - terangan menunjuk Gallas sebagai pemain yang tak memiliki jiwa kepemimpinan yang alami. " Apa yang diharapkan dari pemain yang sebelumnya mengkhianati Jose Maurinho?" Ungkap Dia.

Gallas pribadi sadar atas performa buruknyamusim lalu dan berharap Wenger tak melepas ban Kapten di lengannya."Aku telah belajar dari musim lalu. Musim ini, aku lebih tau apa yang harus dilakukan dan akan merubah cara bicaraku kepada para pemain." Ungkap Gallas.

Toh menurut Francecs Fabregas, Gallas adalah sosok yang layak menjadi pemimpin. " Aku benar - benar menghormatinya dan lebih lama dia menularkan pengalamanya, itu akan lebih baik bagi tim, " Ucap Fabregas

Menariknya, publik justru menilai Fabregas sebagai sosok yang pantas diberi ban kapten. Fabregas pun siap mengembanya. Namun, dalam pandangan legenda Terry Neill, Fabregas belum saatnya mendapat beban berat. " Tanpa ban kapten, dia akan lebih lepas bermain," Ulas Neill.

Lalu bagaimanakah reaksi Wenger? Belum ada pernyataan resmi. Namun, Naga - naganya, Dia akan memilih Gallas

Minggu, 20 Juli 2008

Krisis Listrik

Listrik???? ya apa itu listrik??? yaitu suatu hal yang sangat2 dibutuhkan oleh semua manusia baik dikalangan rendah maupun dikalangan atas ini adalah sumberdaya yang sangat sulit di perbaharui!!!. Dan tahun ini saja sangat sulut didapat karena banyak konsumsi listrik yang berlebihan, seperti dirumahku saja listrik sering kali mati sampai - sampai Aku tidah bisa ngerjain tugas makanya Kita harus berhemat listrik karena Kita juga nggak mau khan daerah Kita tidak dialiri listrik!!!

Seperti saat ini saja tepat tanggal 19 Juli 2008 Aku mendengar di Televisi ternyata Kita sedang mengalami krisis listrik dan Kita sebagai penghasil listrik terbanyak Se Asia urutan ke 54 bayangkan Kita saja kalah sama negara tetangga seperti Malaysia, Thailand, Singapura, Brunai, dan Filiphina. padahal Negara Kita ini adalh negara yang kaya akan SDAnya. Apakah Kita kalah sama orang luar???? ( Apa nggak Malu???? ). Dan katanya pemakain listrik akan dibatasi dan tarifnya akan dinaikkan!!!! Bagaimana dengan kalangan bawah??? Pemerintah saharusnya bertindak akan kasus ini karena ini manyangkut Hak rakyat miskin. Kami mohon bagi para "Koruptor sadarlah akan tingkah laku kalian yang melanggar peraturan!!!" Karena ini juga menyangkut Kita semua, dan bagi Kita semua hematlah pemakain listrik jika tidak ada yang perlu maka matikanlah. Kita masih bisa berubah banyak harapan yang akan menyongsong Kita sampai anak cucu Kita dunia ini bulat, Maka apapun bisa terjadi!!!

Jumat, 18 Juli 2008

SpaNYoL KinG OF EuRoPe
Spain won the European championship football after Euro 2008 defeat Germany 1-0 in the final stir. This is Spain's first title after 44 years.

Goalkeeper Iker Casillas who is also captain eleven of Spain led the friends to receive a gold medal and a new trofi they win in the field. On the shoulder of friends, Iker Casillas high-lift high the cup victory has been since 44 years ago they never touch. Stadium and the players rumble Spain histeria dissolved in a victory.

Is a tremendous final. Second eleven play and attack each other. Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna, Austria, the night was truly a performance arena, high level soccer. Memuncaki overall European championship in 2008 marked the quality of football was amazing.

Germany captain Michael Ballack, who during his life always unhappy in every major tournament final and this year failed in all 3 tourney final, do not hide the disappointment:

"It is certainly disappointed, lose the match in the final. We have been through so far in this championship but failed to end the match. Sebenaranya overall championship at this round we play a good game. But our opponent tonight Spain, is a very strong team. And Spain indeed deserve to be winners. "

Germany coach, Joachim Low, also recognize the severity Spain. He said:

"I think we need to recognize this day eleven high quality of Spain. The prime game, the technique is very good. We're certainly disappointed, because the losers. However, our game tonight was not enough for Spain mmengalahkan. While I remain very proud of the game our team during a 6 weekend this fantastic play. "

Created only one goal through Fernando Torres, utilizing breakthrough bait Fabregas Cesc. But the match in the Euro 2008 final this remarkable progress. Only luck that makes goal-scorer failed to create another.

Team Matador saggy appear in the first 10 minutes, while Germany is showing explosive. Only 5 minutes in time, Germany created the first opportunity. Sergio Ramos to lure in the big blunder in the Spanish defense. Miroslav Klose, top scorer World Cup 2006, steal the ball, and nearly alone. Untung Carles Puyol successfully takel brilliant.

Spain and find the rhythm behind the game and dominated the game. Germany fully keteteran. Attack for the coming wave of attacks to hurdle Germany.

In 13 minutes to release Andreas Iniesta shot that quickly turn directions due to hit the ball feet Christoph Metzelder. Jens Lehmann and the ward hit the ball out. In minutes to 22, Fernando Torres successfully steal bait Sergio Ramos with a hard tandukan to the wicket. Jens Lehmann is not the wall but the ball still hit rule.

Tibalah when the exemption. Be expected since that time dozens of eleven years by Spain, which has always appeared as a great team, but always fails in time determine. Events that occur in the exemption to 33 minutes, and is the liberator, who else if not Fernando Torres.

Cesc Fabregas received a bait in the middle of the field directly to the heart of defense diteroboskan Germany. Fernando Torres to move quickly, with the jockey berkelit convoy from Germany back Philip Lahm. Goalkeeper Jens Lehman forward block, but Fernando Torres, the man most explosive night which will always dikenang the corner to poke the ball past Jens Lehman remote that night was incredible busy.

Winning 1-0, Spain does not slow down the attack. David Silva almost print second goal of perfect bait Iniesta. But do not be reasonable, sepakkannya bounced away. Spain continues meneror hurdle Germany. Sergio Ramos, Andres Iniesta, Senna, the opportunity to obtain almost one hundred percent. However, there are only a goal the creation of additional mengagalkan.

Be blown up to the last whistle referee, tenure 1-0. Spain is also a European Champion in 2008.

Jumat, 14 Maret 2008


Seru banget ya jika temen2 Jika Ngelihat suatu Acara karya seni?? Ya mungkin sich ada sebagian yang gak suka tapi kemungkinan banyak suka. Kali ini Aku akan bercerita tentang Pensi di Acaraku!!! Yang bertema NOCTURNAL (Night Of Conquerable arT aNd Unforgettable MomenT by SMALVEN)

Acara ini yang dijadwal dimulai jam 14.00 ternyata molor!!!! Ternyata acaranya dimulai jam 15.00!!! demgan bintang tamu seperti SHAGGY DOG, BLINKSATAN,APPLES IN THE WONDERLAND, THE GAMBLEZ, Dan G-SHE. Teruz sama penampilan karya seni anak2 Sebelaz! Aku sendiri yang sebagai Panitia saja Kebingungan!!! Dengan penonton yang mencapai 1000 lebih (banyak banget ya?) Acarnya berlangsung sangat sengit tapi sayangan Aku g lihat semuanya karena Aku panitia sebagai Pemeriksa Tiket!! Capek baget ya?? Aku saja sampai gak lihan Cherleader Yang menjadi Suster ngesot!!! Katanya anak2 sich bagus tapi Aku gak lihat!!! Acara yang paling seru adalah Pelawak2 dari SMA 11 yang dipimpin oleh Pak Yustinus Lawakan dari SMA gak kalah Lucu dengan API (Audisi Pelawak TPI) lho?? Kalu kalian semua lihat Pasti Lutu banget!!! Teruz acara yang paling seru lagi adalah saat The Gamblez maen Wow Para Penonton langsung Spontan Didepan Panggung dan Berjoget Ria!!! Dengan lagu Andalanya A** Raimu!!! Pennonton pun Gak kalah SERU lagi jika Blinksatan Tampil wow Sangat2 menakjubkan Aksi penonton pun berputar Ria Didepan panggung!!! Ketika Blinksatan Menyayikan lagu BELIA!!! Ni sesudah Rock And Roll-an yang bener2 Rock And Roll!! Akhirnya sampai Rock And Roll yang slow yang dibawakan oleh Apples In The Wonderland Dengan lagunya yang Berjudul ELIZE dan BOYS DON’T CRY ( mang CO gak leh nangis ya??) Aku seneng banget ketika
Para penonton menyanyikan Di REffnya dengan “ Oh Elize mengapa kau kembali disaat Aku Terlanjur Berjanji………………………..” duh seru banget pokoknya deh!!! Yang paling seru lagi ketika GUEST STAR SHAGGY Dog tampil Langsung Spontan The Doggy Mania (Mang Anj*** semua ya??) Berjoget ria lagi dengan Lagunya DI SAYIDAN Duh SEruh puol deh pokoknya!!! Rugi deh kalau gak Nonton!!!!

Senin, 10 Maret 2008


Ngak tau kenapa hal2 dulu sampai sekarang Aku malez ngeposting Coz karena jadwal Aku yang padet sekali ya dah ngurusin Pensi teruz belajar yang agar masuk IPA doain ya???

sampai2 malez pun ikut kebawa!!!! Teruz maleznya ngenet dan Aku Akhirnya beralih ke ngegame karena enak banget nich!!!!! Ternyata hal ini tadak aku acuhin tapi Hal ini yang membuat Aku bangkit lagi!!! Hal yang kemarin membuat semangatku membara untuk ngeposting lagi Sampai2 Hal ini Ikut kubawa dalam postingku!!! Begitu semangatnya diriku sampai2 Hal2 Aneh pun pasti kumasukin ke blog!!!! tapi gak pa2 qok yang penting sekarang semangatku untuk ngeposting lagi bangkit



Tanaman teh sebenarnya adalah pohon bernama Camelia Sinensis

Yang bias tumbuh sampai sembilan meter lho…!!! Tapi karena pucuk daunnya yang di perlukan, maka tanaman ini harus selalu di potong. Jadi jarang ada tanaman yang tinggi.

Herbal teh atau teh herbal pernah dengar istilahnya khan!!! Herbal teh sebenarnya enggak bias di bilang sebagai teh. Ini karena bahan pembuatan herbal teh, bukanlah daun teh, melainkan dari akar, batang, bunga dan bagian tumbuhan selain the yang memang berkhasiat untuk kesehatan.

Minuman teh hitam atau black tea empat kali sehari bias membantu kita untuk mengatasi stress lebih cepat. Ehm……menarik banget tuhhhh..!!!penemuan ini adalah hasil penelitian yang di lakukan oleh University College London atau UCL pada tahun 2006 lalu. Penelitian yang di lakukan selama enam minggu ini menemukan kalu mereka yang minum black tea dapat menurunkan level hormon penyebab stress dalam tubuh lebih cepat di banding mereka yang minum minuman mengandung kafein lainnya.


I"m from Surabaya

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